• On Location

    Here Regent University Film School
    and Home Theater Films is on Location
    in Portsmouth, Virginia with
    Marilu Henner & Chelsea Crisp.

  • Jesse & Naomi on Location

    Jesse & Naomi on location in Portsmouth VA.
    This is the exterior of Naomi’s house.
    The home is located in Old Town Portsmouth, in Virginia.

  • Jesse & Naomi Production

    Jesse & Naomi in Portsmouth shooting a scene.
    We have Executive Producers Corbin Bernsen and Chris Arnoff going over the shot.

Marilu HennerChelsey Crisp


The First Film by Virginia Filmworks:
A joint venture of Regent University and Home Theater Films

After her mother-in-law get’s sick, a city bred divorcee, Jesse, returns to her hometown. She has trouble fitting in with the local townsfolk. Jesse looks to her faith and becomes acquainted with the local pastor and falls quickly in love with him, much to the dismay of the community. Things only get even more complicated when her recently divorced husband comes calling, trying to mend their relationship. Between her love life and taking care of her ailing mother-in-law, Jesse is truly tested and must look to her faith to help guide her.